The Garden Bee - Julie Dodsworth

Introducing 'The Garden Bee' fine bone china range of beautifully designed products in collaboration with renowned Yorkshire artist Julie Dodsworth.

Each piece of Fine Bone China incorporates Julie's love of the vintage English style of canal boat painting, taking full inspiration from Julie's time spent on her own barge 'Calamity Jane'.

The Garden Bee range is a celebration and love of the natural surroundings and colours that Julie has spent many years studying. Julie's personal enjoyment and experience of painting has been brought to life via Duchess China's fully sustainably English made Fine Bone China, utilising the traditional 20 pairs of hand skills involved in the full manufacturing today as it was over 100 years ago, a match made in heaven.

Each piece from the range is skillfully decal silk screen printed, individually hand decorated and kiln fired creating a precious and unique quality British made product.


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